How To Reduce Stress This Festive Season


The evenings are darker, the heating is on and the Christmas adverts are here. As strange as November has been for everyone, the festive season is creeping up on us. Some of your ultra-keen neighbours might even have put their decorations up. Perhaps you’re a Christmas early bird and you’ve already decorated your tree or maybe you’re thinking ‘it’s FAR too early for that’.

Either way, Christmas will be here before we know it. It can be an amazing but also stressful time of year, especially when we’re not 100% sure what the lockdown rules will be.

Here are some of our top tips to reduce your stress levels and prevent breakouts, this December.


  • Buy your gifts early. Getting presents delivered in time for Christmas can be a challenge at the best of times, but with more people shopping online than ever before this year, it’s even more important to put your orders in early. If you haven’t already, start shopping now!
  • Take advantage of Black Friday sales. At 47 Skin, its our biggest sale of the year on Friday 27th We’ve got gift sets, indulgent mask treatments, skincare essentials and even a ‘for him’ range, so you can find gifts for everyone (plus a few treats for yourself).
  • Take a break. This year has been tough for everyone in so many ways. Give yourself a break. If you want to sit in your PJ’s all day and watch Netflix, just do it. Take a bath. Have a glass of wine. Let the kids play on their Ipads for the day. Do whatever you need to have some quality ‘me’ time.
  • Don’t forget about skincare. At this time of year, it can be tempting to curl up under the duvet with a hot chocolate and Baileys, and not bother to take your make-up off. In the Autumn months, it’s actually even more important to look after your skin. Central heating and a lack of sunlight can mean our skin becomes dull and dry. Keep on moisturising and cleansing every day. For a glowing complexion, treat yourself to a relaxing, indulgent face mask, such as our detoxifying and brightening Blue Clay Mask, made with one of the rarest clays in the world!
  • Have alternative Xmas plans. We’re all hoping and praying that everything will be ok for us to visit our families and friends this Xmas (fingers crossed it will be by then) but have a plan B mapped out, just in case. There might even be some silver linings to your alternative plans – perhaps not having to make small talk with relatives that you only see once a year will be a bonus…
  • Organise a festive Zoom celebration. We may not be able to meet up in person but it doesn’t mean we have to miss out on Xmas drinks and festivities! Organise some remote Xmas drinks with friends or colleagues (go all out with themed games and Christmas headgear). This will be sure to cheer you up and keep those stress levels down.


This year hasn’t been easy for anyone, but hopefully our tips will help you stay as stress-free as you can this festive season. Just remember to buy your gifts early, take time to relax and keep taking care of your skin, to keep those stress induced breakouts at bay.


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