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Treatment masks

Explore 47 Skin’s range of intensive treatment masks, each designed to nourish, sooth and repair the skin. All of our face masks contain our patented ingredient ‘Formula 47’ which both protects and heals the skin. Simply peel or wash off the mask after 15-30 minutes to reveal a brighter and softer complexion. Our treatment masks are especially effective on combatting blemishes, redness and facial scarring.

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Anti-Blemish and Scar Repair Intensive Treatment Silver MaskAnti-Blemish and Scar Repair Intensive Treatment Silver Mask
Anti-Blemish and Scar Repair Intensive Treatment Silver Mask
A peel off mask treatment that delivers an intense dose of our unique formula, calming breakouts & brightening skin.
Sale priceFrom £24.00
Anti-Blemish & Scar Repair Blue Clay MaskAnti-Blemish & Scar Repair Blue Clay Mask
Anti-Blemish & Scar Repair Blue Clay Mask
Made with Cambrian clay, this mask is full of natural minerals & antioxidants, drawing out impurities as it dries.
Sale price£39.00
Exfoliating Skin Treatment for persistent, stubborn and cystic acne.Exfoliating Skin Treatment for persistent, stubborn and cystic acne.
Exfoliating Skin Treatment for persistent, stubborn and cystic acne.

Introducing a new exfoliating treatment for the worst kind of acne. For anyone who suffers from persistent, stubborn or cystic acne this is the product you’ve been waiting for. 10% blend of skincare acids AHAs & BHAs.
  • Unglues and sweeps away dead surface skin cells.
  • Penetrates deep into pores to combat congestion and inflammation.
  • Rich creamy base to combat any dryness or irritation.
  • Gently resurfaces and renews the surface of the skin.
  • Without causing damage (unlike traditional physical exfoliators).
All the power of Silver Chitoderm, but with added intensity. If you think you’ve tried everything, try this. Please read this page in its entirety for full guidance on use. The Exfoliating Mask contains Salicylic Acid which shouldn’t be used by people allergic to aspirin, under 18 or pregnant people. Its also got a high concentration of other acids/active ingredients so not suitable for younger skin.

How to balance your new, intensive acne solution.
  • Use with care & try a little amount of the product at first
  • Start with one product at a time
  • Let your skin tell you what’s working
Even if you’re an experienced acne sufferer (and that’s exactly who our Intensive Range is designed for) it’s worth being careful as you introduce these products. They work brilliantly together at tackling extremely stubborn, hard-to-get rid-of skin problems, but as they contain powerful active ingredients you need to start using them carefully, so your skin can get used to them.

The key thing is to introduce them slowly. There’s no need to rush it, the results will come. Start with a small application of one product and see how you get on. You know your own skin better than anyone. Once you’re sure it’s happy, you can begin to use the product more and leave it on for longer, before finally adding a second product from our Intensive Range when your skin feels ready.
Bye bye, stubborn acne. (Not) nice knowing you.


Sale price£39.00