Our Story

47 Skin is a skin care brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in the United Kingdom, dedicated to delivering market leading innovation to it’s customer base across 13 countries & 4 continents.

Founded in 2017 as a result of a scientific breakthrough, the brand utilises this patented formula in each product it brings to market.


If the way in which the formula was discovered can be considered 'lucky', then the way in which this formula found it's way into the hands of our founder was borderline miraculous.

After suffering with skin concerns for the longest time, our founder, Nic, had pretty much given up. None of the products on the market worked for him, despite claims or ridiculously high price point. He even tried anti-biotics, but gave up quickly due to the side effects. In short, he'd given up he was at a lost end. Out of the blue Nic's Grandmother sent him a cream containing something called 'Silver Chitosan'. Whilst originally dismissing the product, when he came to try it the results were breath-taking. After a period of time his blemishes were gone and he was left with hydrated and firmed skin. At this point Nic realised that he was on to something rather special.

Nic set about locating the source of this amazing product, only to find a British scientist had tested mixing silver (a single atom thick) with chitosan (naturally occurring in shellfish) to treat water. Whilst this test ultimately failed when a chemist later trialled it in skincare the true results of the experiment were seen.

A partnership between the two was then formed and 47 skin came to be.

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