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Article: How to protect your skin this Autumn

How to protect your skin this Autumn

How to protect your skin this Autumn

With temperatures dropping and a second lockdown in full swing, we’re spending most, if not all, of our time indoors. But what will this do to your skin and how can you stop it?

At this time of year, your central heating is probably on full whack. Although you might be feeling toasty warm, this draws moisture from your skin, dehydrating it and worsening conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema.

Of course shivering for the next 8 weeks just to have good skin probably isn’t the wisest option, so how can you keep it on, but still protect your skin?

If you’re working from home, like so many of us are this Autumn, you have the advantage of more control over your environment, and there are many things you can do to help keep your skin healthy.

  • Turn down your central heating

It’s recommended that turning your central heating down to 20 degrees can help reduce your skin drying out. You can also try setting it to only turn on for a couple of hours in the morning and evening, to give your skin a break. Not only will this reduce the effects on your skin, but it will also help save energy and reduce your bills, so it’s a win-win!

  • Drink more water

It’s not a secret that drinking more water can help improve your skin, but it’s particularly important at this time of year. Just remember that tea and coffee don’t count as caffeine is dehydrating. If you can’t stand the thought of a cold drink, try herbal tea or warm water with lemon.

  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

You heard me. Make sure you are moisturising as part of your daily skin routine, both at night and in the morning. Consider using a thicker or more hydrating moisturiser than you might normally use.

  • Use the right products

There are some ingredients that will help your skin recover from the damage created by central heating. According to clinical aesthetician and co-founder of Mortar & Milk, Dr Pamela Marshall, Polyhydroxy acids (PHA’s) are the best at deeply hydrating the skin, as well as reducing any inflammation.

A great moisturiser for this is NeoStrata Ultra Moisturising Face Cream PHA 10 (£26), which you can buy here.

  • Get a humidifier

If you really can’t handle turning your heating down, you can combat the drying effects on your skin by using a humidifier. You can easily buy one online or create your own by placing a bowl of water on or under your radiators. The more humidity in the air, the less will be taken from the surface of your skin.

  • Use warm water on your face

It may not sound appealing but using hot water on your face can increase the damage to your skin. We all know how tempting a boiling hot bath is when it’s chilly outside so if you can’t give them up, try putting on a moisturising face mask while you’re in the tub. The steam will help the mask sink into your skin and then you can wash it off with warm water in the sink after.

  • Don’t over wash your skin

Although it’s normally good practice to cleanse your face once or twice daily, doing so in colder months can strip your skin of even more moisture. Stick to washing your face no more than once a day or even going a day without it, to help preserve the moisture in your skin. If you can’t go a day without washing in lockdown, when can you?

  • Steam your face

Steaming your face weekly will help moisturise your skin by increasing oil production, and help you absorb your moisturiser better after. You can easily do this at home, by filling a large bowl half full of boiling water and placing a towel over your head. Just be careful not to tip it over!

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