Face Mask vs Foundation

The best face coverings that won’t ruin your make-up

We know this year has been tough, even more so if you’re struggling to hide your acne or skin blemishes. Face masks can be great for covering up breakouts when you’re popping to the shops, but what happens when you’re lucky enough to not be in lockdown and tear yourself away from Zoom for an evening out? How can you stop your make-up rubbing off on your way there?

We all know the pandemic trumps having perfect make-up, but every time you get to the bus stop and reach for your mask, you feel you have to kiss goodbye to your perfectly blended concealer and expertly blotted lipstick.

Maybe you’re going for drinks with a friend or getting ready for a date. Either way, you don’t want to ruin your night by feeling self-conscious that your foundation has rubbed off.

We know it can be tempting to ditch your mask, so how do you stay safe and still feel confident about how you look?

Which face covering should you use?

When you choose a face mask, you should always follow official guidelines relevant to your situation.

But, if you’re just looking for a face covering that won’t rub off your make-up, these are our recommendations:

Fitted Cotton/ Linen Washable Mask

  • Breathable to prevent sweating
  • Smooth layer of fabric to reduce rubbing
  • Stays in place
  • Cotton is soft and doesn’t irritate skin

Look for one that is fitted, rather than those with gathered material, to minimize contact against your face.

Pucker (below) does some great cotton ones and donate 25% of their profits to charity.

Plumo does brilliant linen masks (linen is also naturally anti-bacterial) and donate money to NHS workers for each mask sold.

Clear Facial Visor

  • Minimal to no contact with skin
  • Great if your chin & cheeks are your problem area
  • Easy for skin to breathe and anti-fog
  • Little effect on breakouts

Be careful to check guidelines as some areas of the UK (such as Wales) don’t consider this to be a face covering.

Here is a great medically graded visor which you can buy on Amazon.

Masks to avoid:

  • Masks with gathered material, which increases rubbing
  • Disposable masks, as your make-up is more likely to stick to the material
  • Those made of heavy fabrics, as this will increase sweating

What else can you do?

  • Always use a primer and setting spray to help your make-up stay in place, such as this Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
  • Wear lipstick in more neutral shades to avoid dramatic smudging
  • Set make-up with loose powder
  • Bring concealer and a compact mirror with you to re-apply
  • If you’re really self-conscious, leave the bottom half of your make- up and apply it in the bathroom when you get there

How can you stop breakouts under your mask?

Not only are you concerned about your mask rubbing off your make-up, but you’re probably worried about it giving you spots as well. Here are some tips to avoid ‘maskne’:

  • Apply make-up to clean skin
  • Wash masks/ visors every time after use
  • Only use disposable masks once
  • Always clean your face with an anti- blemish cleanser after wearing your mask
  • Don’t compensate by over-applying make-up as this will clog your pores and increase the likelihood of blemishes

We hope these tips will help you feel confident about your skin and how you look. We want to make sure you’re not held back by your skin concerns, even during a pandemic.




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