For Him Anti-Blemish and Scar Repair Intensive Treatment Silver Mask 60 ml


For Him - Anti-blemish & Scar Repair 

47 Skin introduces our new range of peel off face masks. Our groundbreaking  silver masks are designed to deliver an ultra-concentrated dose of our patented 'Formula 47' to your skin. Reserved for when you skin needs it most this potent treatment will provide a relaxing and soothing experience that simultaneously dramatically reduces blemishes/spots, heals scars and leaves your skin looking hydrated, super soft and firm.

Simply apply the formula to your face, leave for 30 minutes and peel off in one.


100% No Risk
Money Back Guarantee


  • Significantly reduces blemishes/spot during treatment.
  • Leaves a protective silver barrier on the skin, preventing future damage, inflammation, spots or blemishes from occurring. 
  • Intensively heals and repairs the appearance of scars (old and new).
  • Leaves your skin rejuvenated, firm and hydrated.

Instructions for use:

Gently apply on to clean, dry skin. Leave for 25-30 minutes. Either peel off or rinse off with warm water. For external use only . Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse with water. Follow with 47 Skin serum.


Water, Silver/Chitoderm (Deacetylchitin) complex (Poly-D-Glucosamine, silver, lactic acid)  PEG-8, Glycerin, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Phenoxyethanol, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil.

Is this safe for sensitive skin?
Yes! Our products use natural ingredients and is designed for sensitive skin. It will help reduce redness and breakouts without irritating the skin.
How many uses?
How does Silver Chitoderm™ work?
Silver Chitoderm ™ combines two natural ingredients in a patented mix. The Silver is creates an anti-bacterial shield over your skin whilst the chitoderm simultaneously creates a lattice like structure on which the cells can regenerate. Instantaneously killing bacteria, protecting the skin and rebuilding.
What are the benefits of Silver Chitoderm™ ?
Silver Chitoderm revitalises your skin, feeling smooth with refined texture. Skin is visibly firm with improved elasticity. Blemishes, redness, and scarring reduction from first application.
Is your product cruelty free?
Yes – all 47 Skin products are cruelty free, we wouldn’t produce them otherwise.
How long until I notice results?
You will notice results instantly! Even after a single use your skin will appear clearer and smoother. The results will improve with consistent application.
Does this product work on Rosacea?
Yes, our products have benefited people worldwide suffering from Rosacea, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis.
How long does shipping take?
Our trials are in stock and shipping within 24 hours of ordering, for U.K. orders typically most arrive the next day, during busier periods shipping can take 48 hours. For international orders shipping can take between 3-5 days.

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For Him Anti-Blemish and Scar Repair Intensive Treatment Silver Mask 60 ml

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