47 Skin's #1 Best Selling: Anti-Blemish Serum

“I have tried so many things… this product has genuinely transformed my skin and my life” - A Hall, Verified Buyer

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee
100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee


Our serum contains the unique formula of Silver and Chitoderm which provide both anti-bacterial and skin-shielding properties to deliver lasting results on spots & blemishes. 

The product is formulated with natural ingredients enabling it to work effectively without drying out the skin; leaving a soft, smooth and glowing complexion all day & night. 

It also acts as the perfect primer during the day, to shield your skin from make-up while providing a buttery smooth application that stays in place all day. 

Manufactured in the U.K.

Manufactured in the U.K.

In Stock Usually dispatched Within 24 hours

In Stock dispatched Within 24 hours

Dermatologist recommended

Dermatologist recommended


  • Significantly reduces blemishes/spots with lasting results.
  • Protects the skin from future blemishes/spots.
  • Acts as a primer during the day, shielding and protecting your skin from pollutants. 
  • Leaves all skin types rejuvenated, firm and hydrated.

Our Unique Formula

Our products are the only ones in the world to contain a unique formula of Silver Chitoderm™, which naturally:

• reduces spots & blemishes
• evens skin texture and tone

With over 3000 5-star reviews, you can see for yourself how well it works.

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47 Skin's #1 Best Selling: Anti-Blemish Serum

2019 survey based on 9346 answers from 47 Skin customers
Is this safe for sensitive skin?
Yes! Our products use natural ingredients and is designed for sensitive skin. It will help reduce redness and breakouts without irritating the skin.
How many uses?
Approximately 1ml for each use e.g. A 30ml bottle should last around 30 applications
How does Silver Chitoderm™ work?
Silver Chitoderm ™ combines two natural ingredients in a patented mix. The Silver is creates an anti-bacterial shield over your skin whilst the chitoderm simultaneously creates a lattice like structure on which the cells can regenerate. Instantaneously killing bacteria, protecting the skin and rebuilding.
What are the benefits of Silver Chitoderm™ ?
Silver Chitoderm revitalises your skin, feeling smooth with refined texture. Skin is visibly firm with improved elasticity. Tackling spots & blemishes with lasting results.
Is your product cruelty free?
Yes – all 47 Skin products are cruelty free, we wouldn’t produce them otherwise.
How long until I notice results?
Our Founder noticed breathtaking results in a very short period of time. Even after a single use your skin will appear clearer and smoother. The results will improve with consistent application.
How long does shipping take?
We offer two UK shipping options, standard mail which is a 48 hour tracked service. Or our first class option which is a 24 hour tracked service.