By 47 Skin founder, Nic Taylor

  1. There is so much choice, it's confusing!
    When they go into premium skincare stores, they are met with hundreds of different products and brands, it's overwhelming to know where to start.

  2. Sales representatives recommend a variety of products & brands.
    They often don’t get enough guidance when it comes to choosing the right products for their skin concerns, leading to a long list of options in front of them. I used to blindly select based on the brand names I was familiar with, they probably do the same.

  3. Confusion about product ingredients & how they work.
    During each use, bacteria rapidly builds up on our bedding & towels and when contact is made with our skin, the bacteria is transferred to our face and body.

  4. They don't get their money back when the product doesn't work!
    When they purchase a new product, they need to use it for a few days (at least) to see if it works. However, by this point they have probably used up a fair amount of the product and the shop will deny a refund. This leads to a viscous cycle of spending a fortune, and not getting
    any results.

Are there parents out there who actually understand why their son/daughter gets spots?

This is the problem that led to the creation of 47
People suffering from acne, blemishes and other skin concerns shouldn’t have to suffer, nor have to spend a fortune on multi-step routines in the pursuit of a solution. They should be able to
simplify their skincare routine, pairing down to just a few anti-bacterial products that actually work.

That’s why our founder Nic Taylor, 10 year acne sufferer, created 47 Skin. He felt that the entire skincare industry had failed him. He tried every single product & salon treatment that he could get his hands on. He even resorted to medication which led to a short period of depression.

That was until January 2017 when he discovered the anti-bacterial ingredient Silver Chitoderm, which cleared his spots & blemishes in just 4 days. He partnered with the scientist who created this ingredient and formed 47 Skin.

Available on our website, 47 Skin offers our unique patented formula in all formats to suit their needs.

“At 47 Skin, we‘re all about real people, real skin and real results. Our bestselling serum has worked for thousands of people and we think it will work for you too.”

Available on our website, our Anti-blemish & Scar Repair Serum is super easy to use – just apply it twice a day after cleansing.

Our Anti-blemish & Scar Repair range is oil-free and made from our unique formula, Silver Chitoderm. The Silver acts as a protective shield, it naturally kills acne causing bacteria and reduces inflammation. While the Chitoderm rapidly regenerates your skin cells to leave it brighter & glowing, and to reduce the production of melanin (the pigment that causes scarring and discolouration). This is extremely effective for helping to fade scars and hyperpigmentation.

This product is so unique. It does all of this, while leaving your skin smooth and hydrated, with no oils.

"One of the products I recommend to my patients is 47 Skin Anti-blemish & Scar Repair Serum. What makes this serum so unique is the way it keeps skin smooth and hydrated, unlike many other acne treatments.” Dr Chopra, Dermatologist, The London Dermatology Centre.

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The best products are created by real people with real stories.

Our founder, Nic, struggled with acne since his teens and was always self-conscious about his skin. “At the age of 29, I’d pretty much given up hope at finding a cure for my acne.”

He was tired of constantly trying products and medications that just didn’t work and always feeling like his skin wasn't good enough. Then one day, Nic’s grandmother sent him a cream urging him to try it!

Nic was sceptical at first, after trying so many acne treatments that failed to work. But, after using it for just a few days, the results were incredible.

His blemishes disappeared, his scarring began to heal, and his skin felt soft and hydrated. “I realised I’d come across an incredibly powerful ingredient and I was desperate to know more.”

Nic set out to find the person behind the formulation. He was a scientist in the North of England who had been developing skincare products for over 30 years. One day, he bonded two ingredients in a way that no one else had, Silver and Chitoderm. He found that they offered incredible healing and anti-bacterial properties. Inflammation, cuts or scars were healing at a much faster rate, and the skin became much smoother and more hydrated.

The scientist began testing it on a small scale when Nic's grandma foun it. In 2018, a partnership between the scientist and Nic was formed, and 47 Skin was born with a simple mission:

“After so many years suffering with my skin, I wanted to help people feel good about themselves from the inside out"

That's why our skin positivity message is so important to him and to everyone who works for 47 Skin.

We truly understand what it's like to struggle with skin concerns and we want to help with out products, that actually work. We are so confident, we even offer 100% money back guarantee on all of our products.

What women are saying about us...

"I have literally tried every lotion and potion known to man and this is the only product which gives consistent results. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and my skin has honestly never looked so good!" - Karen

Try our best-selling serum and start feeling more confident about your skin!

47 Skin is made for those who care about the environment

We believe anything that's made these days, needs to put the environment first. We know it's important to you and it's important to us. That's why all our 47 Skin products are made and packaged sustainably using eco-friendly ingredients.

Our products come in 100% recyclable glass containers instead of plastic, as well as recyclable, cardboard packaging.

We use all natural ingredients where possible and always avoid harsh chemicals.
Our products are all free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oils, and are never tested on animals.

Complete Daily Regime Bundle


Complete Daily Regime Bundle


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Cleanse & Protect Bundle


Real people. Real skin. Real results.
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