How our patented Technology works

'Formula 47' works by utilising a chemical compound of a single atom of silver and chitosan. It is only when the two elements are bonded together that the true benefits are seen. The silver creates and antibacterial shield over the skin whilst the chitosan sets to work forming a lattice like structure of which the cells can rejuvenate.

The compound is all natural and gentle on the skin, formula 47 is clinically proven to have a 100% kill rate on bacteria.

Itis residula, sitting on the skin, killing bacteria and aiding healing until washed over. Formula 47 is also mucoadhesive, helping to deliver the silver into the bacterium and destroying it.

Our Team in California

Our guys across the pond have been researching, formulating & manufacturing at a state of the art level since 1979.

With a team that consists of world class scientists, chemists & beauty experts its fair to say you're in safe hands.

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