Our miracle ingredient ‘Formula 47’ is a chemical compound made of a single atom of silver combined with chitoderm – an active ingredient that is obtained from the shells of crustaceans. When these two elements are bonded together and used in skincare, astonishing results happen!


The atom-thick layer of silver within ‘Formula 47’ creates an antibacterial shield over the skin whilst the chitoderm forms a lattice-like structure that encourages the skins cells to regenerate themselves.

This system works because ‘Formula 47’ is mucoadhesive which, put simply, means it can stick to bacteria, break it down and deliver a potent shot of silver to destroy it. Who said science wasn’t cool. 

‘Formula 47’ will therefore provide both the attack and defence that your skin needs tobe healthy, hydrated and free-from harmful bacteria.

It is also clinically proven to have a 100% kill rate on bacteria.

For a more in-depth explanation, read the ‘411 on Formula 47’.

Our Team in California

We only work with the best, whether that’s ingredients, technology or scientific experts so we can provide our customers with both premium and effective products.

Our guys across the pond have been researching, formulating and manufacturing at an advanced level with state-of-the-art technology since 1979.

With a team that consists of world class scientists, chemists and beauty experts, it’s fair to say you’re in safe hands with us here at 47 Skin.

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