Our Technology

Market leading innovation stands at the heart of the business.

Patented Technology found in every product

47 Skin was founded as a result of a scientific breakthrough albeit an accidental one. Whilst experimenting in purification a leading scientist mixed a single atom of silver with other naturally occurring substances and in doing so uncovered a new formula with outstanding protective and regenerative qualities. It wasn’t until this formula was trialed in skin care that the true benefits of this were realized.

47 Skin was founded as the brand to get this breakthrough formulation into the hands of consumers and help people with skin concerns around the planet.

Our Team in California

Our production team in California have been utilizing state of the art cosmetic research, production and manufacturing since 1979 on their site to develop market leading innovation to consumers.

Employing scientists, chemists, engineers and related beauty experts to deliver the best possible products.

What this means for you?

Our products are unlike anything you’ll have ever tried and so too will the results be. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for just £29.00

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