It's not easy having bad skin. It's always there, in the mirror, hiding behind our makeup and under our layers. But it is made easier by those around us.

This International Women's Day we're celebrating the women giving us confidence; who help us see our beauty and understand what we need to get through.

What the women in the stories above have given to the people telling them has been truly life changing.

Here's to those women, who manage to make us feel good in the skin we're in.

Enjoy their stories.

Today is for any woman who ever gave you confidence.

My Grandma found the answer to my acne.

I'm Nic, founder of 47 Skin. I’d been suffering from acne for over ten years, when a parcel arrived out of the blue from my Grandma.

I’d tried what felt like every single product and salon treatment under the sun, and spent thousands of pounds. Nothing worked. I even resorted to medication which led to a short period of depression. But in January 2017, Grandma sent me a pot of cream through the post with a handwritten note urging me to try it. I was sceptical, but to my complete surprise it cleared my spots and blemishes in just four days.

I was so amazed with the results that I tracked down and partnered with the scientist behind the formulation. Now our mission is to spread the word though our range of incredible products and skin-positive community.