Regenerative serum

Designed with a focus on cell regeneration, our Regenerative Serum aims to help repair aged skin cells through an intense hit of ‘Formula 47’ right to the base of your skin. As serums can quickly soak right into the skin and work on a deeper level, this product boosts cell turnover to help your skin age beautifully and has been known to help restore firmness alongside improving your skin’s tone, giving you a brighter, fuller and more even skin texture.



Regenerative Intensive Healing Soothing Silver Mask

Fancy a spa experience from the comfort of your own home? This Intensive Healing Silver Mask is designed to deliver an ultra-concentrated shot of our patented ‘Formula 47’ right into your skin. Apply this on clean, dry skin and leave for 30 minutes before peeling off in one to unveil a brighter and softer complexion. This mask is best used when you feel your skin needs a little more attention for a relaxing and soothing experience that simultaneously reduces the appearance of fine lines, heals scars and leaves your skin looking smoother, fuller and more hydrated.