47 Skin

4 x Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser - Silver Spray by 47


Silver Spray by 47 Skin (Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser)* - 100ml x 4

- Hand sanitiser spray

- 99.99% effective against bacteria

- Clinically proven to kill viruses

- Kills in under 60 seconds and gives long lasting, residual protection (up to 24 hours on hard surfaces)

- Moisturises and softens skin

- All ingredients are EU and FDA approved 



Further Information: 

For 2 years our team of scientists have been working to create a hand sanitiser that not only kills bacteria and viruses dead but also provides hours of lasting protection and crucially one that is kind to skin. In 2019 they managed this through the utilisation of Silver and Chitoderm combined, this patented formulation is clinically proven to kill bacteria and viruses in under 60 seconds, continues to protect and kill until washed off with water and does so in a way that is kind to your skin. 

To read more about this discovery and how it works, please see our blog post https://bit.ly/2yAkoTg

In stock, warehoused & shipped from the U.K. 

*Product may not be suitable for pregnant women



Silver Chloride

Chitoderm (Deacetylchitin)

Lactic Acid


Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil

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